Our Mission

To preserve the natural, historical, scenic, and recreational value of the Magnetawan River Watershed for the benefit of future generations through land and conservation easement acquisition for the purpose of conservation and stewardship.


Protecting Land

The Magnetawan Watershed Land Trust provides landowners with options to permanently conserve and protect their land.  We aim to permanently protect private land with natural, historical, scenic, and/or recreational value for the benefit of the community.  This is done by acquiring land, or interests in land in the following ways:

  • accepting donations of land

  • purchasing land

  • partial donation and partial purchase of land

  • accepting conservation easements on land

Acquired lands are managed to ensure permanent protection through a volunteer Stewardship Program.  Management typically includes ongoing monitoring and signage; additional work is only conducted as necessary to protect significant values.  Properties with conservation easements are managed slightly differently as a much more structured annual monitoring routine is required.

The Magnetawan Watershed Land Trust is a member of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance (OLTA). The OLTA supports one of the largest land trust communities in the world, promoting land conservation and preservation that protects critical environmental assets, endangered species, and benefits Ontario communities. The alliance represents 120,000 individuals and members working together to protect over 90,000 acres of land with both of these numbers growing every year. OLTA promotes and assists our members and associates through training, education, and communications, as we collectively connecting communities, promoting land trusts, and acting to influence policy and support stakeholders. 


Support Ontario land trusts and protect the land you love!


Where We Work

The Magnetawan Watershed Land Trust currently focuses on Ahmic Lake and its surrounding watershed. The almost 70 km of shoreline is only lightly developed with the occasional cottage and home, leaving this lake in an almost pristine condition.  Ahmic Lake is on the Magnetawan River waterway in the Almaguin Highlands Region, in the District of Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada.

Conservation Resources

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