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Protected Properties

OMC waterfall

Old Man's Creek Reserve

In July 2012, American Friends of Canadian Conservation (AFoCC) and MWLT partnered to complete the donation of 97 ha (240 ac) of mixed upland and lowland forests surrounding Old Man’s Creek. The land was gifted by a U.S. taxpayer who purchased it to permanently protect its two waterfalls and 610m (2000 ft) of frontage on Old Man’s Creek. The riffles, pools, and variety of aquatic vegetation in the creek's corridor provide an array of habitats for aquatic species, as well as fish spawning grounds.


AFoCC subsequently transferred the property to MWLT to create Old Man’s Creek Reserve (OMCR) after it had demonstrated its stewardship abilities. The Reserve is open to the public for hiking, paddling, and nature enjoyment, but remains in a natural state with no improvements.


In 2012 the MWLT also purchased Lot 3, a prime piece of shoreline abutting the Old Man’s Creek Reserve. Lot 3 added 5.7 ha (14 ac) and 304.8 m (1,000 ft) of frontage on Old Man's Creek. Like OMCR, Lot 3 provides habitat for to many wildlife species such as white-tailed deer, moose, porcupine, chickadees, and warblers. A keen eye may spot a fisher or signs of wolves. Together with the Old Man's Creek Reserve this property is home to two bird and one turtle species at risk and provides a nesting habitat for the silver-haired bat.

Old Man's Creek Reserve, Lot 2

The Magnetawan Watershed Land Trust (MWLT) and American Friends of Canadian Conservation (AFoCC) are pleased to announce a new acquisition that expands MWLT’s  Old Man’s Creek Reserve (OMCR).

This is the second time our two organizations have partnered to conserve our cherished land and water. The first time was in July 2012, when AFoCC and MWLT partnered to complete the donation of 97 hectares (240 acres), which now forms the heart of The Old Man’s Creek Reserve.

AFoCC is a US charity created to work with Canadian organizations in the landscapes where US taxpayers own ecologically significant properties. This is referred to as “cross border conservation.” US taxpayers (who could be Canadian or any other nationality) can donate land or a conservation easement to AFoCC. The gift is tax deductible in the US, which can make conservation financially feasible. Cross-border conservation facilitates the protection of lands that might otherwise be sold and developed, and can repatriate ownership to Canada.

The recently donated 3.5 hectare (8.6 acre) parcel, known as Lot 2, adds to the ecological and historic value of OMCR. Lot 2 adds 90 feet of frontage on Old Man’s Creek to the Reserve and is close to the headwaters of Ahmic Lake. It includes natural corridors for wildlife movement and serves as a buffer between nearby residential homes and the Reserve. The forest cover on Lot 2 is primarily comprised of Sugar Maple, American Beech, and Yellow Birch. Along Old Man’s Creek Eastern Hemlock dominates. A section of the upland portion of Lot 2 was logged approximately 23 years ago, but luckily the riparian corridor was left intact. The surrounding forest and wetland habitat is rich in biodiversity and is home to multiple at-risk species.

The Trust would like to thank Ted Rouse for his continued generosity and willingness to see this land protected in perpetuity.


kristina-kostuk-omcr-rouse-04 copy.jpeg

Still Creek Nature Reserve

Still Creek Nature Reserve contains 38 acres (15.5 hectares) of land in the Municipality of Whitestone—our first one in this area. The property is between Lorimer and Owl lakes, and partly runs along Still Creek.

We would like to thank Sarah Mitchell for this extremely generous land donation and her desire to see this area protected in perpetuity. This land includes a healthy young forest, rocky outcrops, a diversity of wetlands and a meadow

Thank you to the Ontario Land Trust Alliance and Environment and Climate Change Canada for the financial support through the Nature Smart Climate Solutions Funding Program. This program supports projects that provide natural climate solutions, by conserving and restoring ecosystems that store and capture carbon, whilst enhancing environmental resilience and providing critical habitat for Canada’s wildlife.

The Cove Conservation Easement

Our first conservation easement, which Environment Canada designated as an ecologically significant property, includes 5.9 ha (14.5 ac) and 304.8 m (1000 ft) of Ahmic Lake shorefront. The Cove contains a variety of habitats, some of which are considered potential habitats for 8 endangered species.

The Cove.jpg

Theberge Ecological Reserve, Conservation Easement

This ecologically significant conservation easement comprises 79 hectares (195 acres). Over half of the property is a classic floating bog, additionally an Old Growth Climax forest and a variety of species at risk, including birds, mammals, and reptiles. 

The Magnetawan Watershed Land Trust expresses deep gratitude to John and Mary for their generous gift. MWLT is also appreciative of MapleCross for providing funding, enabling MWLT to secure this conservation easement and allowing us to further our mission in preserving land in the Magnetawan River watershed. 

MapleCross Morris Nature Reserve

The MapleCross Morris Nature Reserve was generously donated in 2023 by David Morris and Elizabeth McKinlay. This 200-acre (81-hectare) property is a beautiful mix of forest, wetlands, and historical landscapes that has been a part of the Morris family for 74 years.This Whitestone property features a large wetland complex along with 13 other distinct ecological communities, including a Conifer Forest, Mixedwood Forest, and an upland Maple forest. The reserve provides excellent habitat for a diversity of birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and plants. The property includes a variety of species at risk, such as Blanding’s Turtle, Eastern Wolf, Canada Warbler, and many more. 


The Magnetawan Watershed Land Trust expresses its heartfelt gratitude to David and Elizabeth for their generous gift. Additionally, the trust extends its thanks to the Echo Foundation, MapleCross, and Environment Canada for their funding and tremendous assistance. Without their support, it would not have been possible to secure this valuable piece of land.


Anne Walker Nature Reserve

This property was generously donated by Earl Box in 2023. The donated 0.11 hectare (0.28 acre) island on Ahmic Lake, known as Pincushion Island, and despite its modest size, it boasts abundant biodiversity. The island will now be officially recognized as Anne Walker Nature Reserve in honor of Anne Walker.

This will enhance the ecological value of Ahmic Lake, featuring 685 feet (209 meters) of frontage along its shoreline.  The island is dominated by a conifer forest cover and surrounded by open water and featuring a marsh on the side facing the mainland. The property is home to a confirmed species-at-risk bird, with the potential for additional species-at-risk.


MWLT is very grateful for Earl's gift and for entrusting us to preserve this island for in perpetuity.

Foley Mountain, Bequeathed

Foley Mountain is a 78.9 ha (195 ac) parcel of land which includes an old-growth cedar forest, wetland, and a creek with a waterfall. Richard and Catherine Foley feel strongly about preserving their property, and the Land Trust is honoured that they have chosen us to help them fulfill this goal.

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